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Cycling in Rome is a great idea!

Cycling in Rome could be a great idea to be able to admire in every corner the infinite and amazing beauty that the capital offers.

To take advantage of this opportunity you can count on the bike rental service in Rome where you can choose a bike at very competitive prices and get around the city for as long as you want.

An exceptional opportunity to take the flight also for the advantageous prices that this service provides so that everyone can take advantage of it.

The idea of the bike is a perfect combination to visit the city in the shortest possible time optimizing times in an incredible way.

For those interested you can also opt for the rental Vespa in Rome, the routes are the same. The means made available are all tested and in excellent condition.

Thanks to these means, whether it’s a bike or a wasp, and to the bike paths made available to the city, you can visit many attractions and have one of the most beautiful experiences, without having to wait for a tram or metro.

The best itineraries to visit Rome by bike

There are many interesting cycling routes in the city: they are about 20 kilometres long and last 3 or 4 hours. It is possible to start from the oldest part of the city, the most fascinating and curious part that contains what was its birth and evolution.

Starting from Trastevere up to the Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, Piazza Navona and Piazza del Popolo. But these are just some of the destinations to see because the list is long and interesting.

Whatever the tour you decide to do you will have a competent and professional guide who will lead tourists to every place, also telling a little ‘history and taking the shortcuts more comfortable, also will be a good opportunity to stop for a coffee in one of those streets characteristic of the city or take a good lunch break.

Another interesting tour to choose to do by bike could be that of the villas of the city as it has many to offer.

A route that touches the most important parks of the city including Villa Borghese and Villa Pamphili which are connected by cycle paths.

If the tiredness on the way begins to make itself felt, you can stop on the immense meadows that the villas offer: a way to fully enjoy all the wonderful air that the city provides.

With this tour you will discover architectural and historical works and also very naturalistic. You can get to know the species of beautiful birds or refresh yourself in one of the beautiful lakes present. The amazement that follows is unique and unforgettable because the experience with this medium will be a nice novelty.

Among the many routes to do there is a must to visit the nature of Rome, namely the Via Appia Antica.

An itinerary a bit ‘different from the others because you enter the great nature park where you will make a leap into the past of almost 2000 years ago. Walking along this road will be like entering another era because you will get to know statues, remains, temples, tombs and much more preserved among a large number of cypresses and pines that divide the road. In these places the asphalt is replaced by beaten earth and the chaos of the city disappears altogether.

Continue on to the imperial residence of Maxentius, where access is absolutely free. Small steps and you arrive at the church of San Sebastiano and its catacombs. Continuing on, you will enter the Caffarella Valley with one of the largest green areas in all of Europe.

An immense and well-kept place rich in finds and historical remains. As soon as you leave the valley you enter the Via Appia Nuova: continue and complete this beautiful path. A little care to follow is to wear comfortable clothing and shoes and a backpack to be able to put already personal effects.

The most vivid hope is to find the good weather that allows you to do the tours in complete freedom. The city, however, offers mild weather until late autumn.