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Discovering the parks on two wheels: autumn in Rome is lived by cycling

The warm air and the festive colours, this is the beginning of a perfect tour. The Roman Ottobrates with their nuances and scents are the perfect time to discover the city, what better way to do it than on two wheels? The bicycle is the ideal way to fully enjoy the autumn in Rome among the thousand shades of its parks and gardens.

Let’s discover some must-see destinations to explore while cycling The capital is slowly adapting to European standards with the planning of numerous cycle paths in different areas of the city. Waiting for the completion of this long operation, you can ride in the green areas of the city, parks and gardens are not lacking in the city.

Rome is one of the greenest cities in Italy, as reported by the Directorate “Planning systems and financial control” of Rome Capital: “The environmental system of Rome Capital consists of different types of green areas, about 82,000 hectares that make up 63.8% of the 128,530 hectares of municipal territory. An extremely diversified and complex green heritage composed of agricultural areas, parks and nature reserves, historic villas and public gardens”.

An invaluable richness for biodiversity and for the quality of time that it gives to citizens and tourists, not at all taken for granted considering the vast metropolitan area. The parks and gardens are shared areas where you can find peace and serenity away from the chaos, some are backed by architectural wonders such as the iconic park of Villa Borghese in the heart of Rome.

There’s no need to introduce yourself to this green space that includes many attractions, perfect for cycling to optimize time and admire them all. From the terrace on the Pincio overlooking Piazza del Popolo, to the small lake with the temple of Esculapio, the Galleria Borghese, one of the most popular museums in the city, the original water clock of the Pincio that moves its hands thanks to a mechanism that operates with water, the casina Valadier, architectural jewel of the nineteenth century with a view of Rome, the Galoppatoio and many other precious views framed by the beauty of autumn with its thousand shades.

Cycling also in the park of Villa Doria Pamphilj, one of the largest in Rome with 184 hectares of greenery located just outside the walls of the Gianicolense district. The wonder that stands out inside is the Casino del Bel Respiro or “Algardi” of the late ‘600, the official representation of the Italian government.

This area is a green lung immersed in history: many parts of the park still retain conspicuous evidence of Roman and medieval times as the northern border located along the Via Aurelia Antica which coincides in part with the structures of the aqueduct Trajan Paul, or the Casale di Giovio which preserves examples of imperial age masonry of great value and a lintel decorated early medieval. For those who love ancient Rome, we recommend a trip to the Parco degli Acquedotti in the Appio Claudio district.

In this 240-hectare green area you can cycle among ancient monuments: the arches of the Roman aqueducts embroider the park in its entire area. Situated in the south-east quadrant of Rome, it testifies to a real crossroads of the ancient water supply and represents the remnant of a stretch of Agro Romano. Today it is part of the Regional Park of Appia Antica, easily accessible by bike to another part of this area, the park of Caffarella.

Walking along only a few stretches of the city streets you will find yourself immersed in the largest green area of the city where the history of Rome is reflected. Situated close to the Aurelian Walls and between two ancient lines, the Via Latina and the Via Appia, the Caffarella has always animated myths and legends thanks to the presence of the Almone, a small tributary of the Tiber, considered by the Romans a sacred river since the beginning, a magical and charming place especially during the autumn season when it is covered in colors.

The green heart of the capital fades into warm tones framing the historical and natural beauty, far from the traffic and noise of the city. Discovering it by bike is the secret to really experience it and Rome for You offers the rental service designed for your needs. All the means made available are robust and comfortable.

From mountain bikes, city bikes, electric bikes, to hybrid models of all sizes, only the best to discover the capital on two wheels.