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Cycling along the Appia Antica: cycling through history is an opportunity to experience

From the Colosseum to the Castles, riding the Appia Antica by bike is not just a sporting activity but an experience that you will always carry in your heart. For a journey through time you don’t need science fiction but a reliable rental: everyone is on the saddle to ride the queen of the streets, the “regina viarum”.

Ancient Rome excelled in three particular aspects: military, law and territorial planning. “All roads lead to Rome”, it is not a coincidence that this popular saying evokes the incredible road design that traced our ancestors. Today, many of our roads from north to south Italy retrace the old routes, multiplying in the dense network of modernity that facilitates communications and transport.

The routes traced by the Romans still exist, but the most important part comes from the heart of the capital, the Appia Antica, the queen of all routes. Built between the fourth and third century BC, it connected Rome, passing through Campania, to the important port of Brindisi. Its initial stretch starts from Porta Capena, near the curved side of the Circus Maximus. The first kilometers are limited to traffic, reserved for residents.

A marvellous route in basalt between monuments and relics of antiquity that starts from the centre of the city and then penetrates the idyllic Roman countryside to the castles, the hilly area south of the capital. The most recommended way to enjoy its atmosphere and landscapes to the fullest, while riding it at the right pace, is by bicycle. With the rental service of Rome for you you you can enjoy the entire route having fun without unpleasant inconveniences: all the means made available are robust and comfortable. From mountain bikes, city bikes, electric bikes, to hybrid models of all sizes.

The rental service also includes a helmet and a hygienic headset to travel safely. A padlock is also included in the agreement, ideal for a route in stages: along the Appian Way there are many sites of interest worth a visit such as the Museum of the Walls, the Catacombs of San Callisto and San Sebastiano, the Villa of Maxentius and many other places in history that will make this route “along the way” truly unique.

The Appia Antica is also ideal for unexpected detours, such as a dip in the green of the Caffarella park, a natural lung in the city enclosed between the two ancient routes, the Via Latina and the Via Appia. A theatre of myths and legends fed by the famous Egeria spring, a city eden where the waters of the Almone also flow, the small tributary of the Tiber, considered by the ancients a sacred river since the dawn of civilization.

Walking along the Appia Antica is an opportunity not to be missed during a trip to the capital, a street that crosses the history of Rome and projects in its magical atmosphere. The bicycle allows you to experience it at the right pace, with the right breaks and digressions on the subject as a dip in the unexpected green of a city that never ceases to amaze.

Choosing Rome for you is an opportunity to experience the greatness of Rome through history on two wheels. Translated with