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The most beautiful lakes near Rome: where to swim and what to see

Rome offers a world of exploration, capable of satisfying any tourist who decides to visit them. For all those who intend to go on holiday, but do not want to be in the chaos of the city, you can decide to get in touch with nature. Let’s see in this article which are the most beautiful lakes near Rome, where to bathe and especially what to see.

The LAKES BEST NEAR ROME These beautiful waters are of volcanic origin, among the best lakes we find:

  • lake Martignano
  • lake Bolsena
  • Lake Vico
  • lake Bracciano
  • lake Albano

Here nature lives quietly in all its glory, are enchanting places characterized by a majestic and elegant landscape.

These mirrors of water make of a rare beauty the place you choose. LAKE MARTIGNANO Lake Martignano is just a few kilometers from Rome, this is highly recommended for all those who want to find a moment of relaxation in a place of absolute peace.

Very close to the town of Bracciano for those who travel by car has the opportunity to deposit their vehicle in the large parking lot provided.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to take a short walk along a path to get to your destination. On the spot there are activities such as kiosks and whatever else and not only, you can also find structures built always in respect of nature.

There are many activities that can be practiced here on Lake Martignano, including the use of sailing boats, windsurfing, canoes and much more. In addition, you can also choose to go horseback riding or use the service of bicycles.

LAGO BOLSENA Among the most beautiful lakes near Rome we have Lake Bolsena, its size is definitely remarkable, not for this reason it is considered the largest lake in Europe to date. Here, too, you can perform various activities such as canoeing, sailing, cycling and of course the bike paths complete the perfect picture to take full advantage of the time and place offered by nature.

Lake VICO The mountains Cimini make the lake of Vico unique and original, the climatic conditions are very favorable to visit a place so beautiful.

The mirror of water is the protagonist of many sporting initiatives that are practiced on its wonderful mantle, especially the area of the mountain of venus. There is also the possibility of occupying the beaches that are located there. In addition, there are certainly restaurants and other activities to meet the needs and requirements of the people.


Between the lakes closest to Rome there is the lake of Bracciano, which offers its visitors the opportunity to bathe in its fresh and regenerating waters. This place is influenced by a strong presence of numerous buildings and establishments, which ensure maximum relaxation through beds used for total relaxation.

You can indulge yourself not only with the pedal or canoe, but also with the school of sailing boats, kitesurfing and windsurfing. Here too you can go horseback riding or maybe you can make a nice ride by bike, so you can walk along hiking trails.


To conclude the list of the best lakes near the capital we have the Alban lake (catel gandolfo). On the side of the lake you can go by bike or canoe, while for those who love the mainland can choose to take a ride on a mountain bike.

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